Refund and Return Policy

WHAT can be refunded?

Our accountants provide services to our real estate clients that cannot be refunded once rendered. We do not place our real estate clients in any long term financial contract, and clients are free to discontinue our service at any time. All monthly service plans are concluded by an annual tax return being prepared and filed. The monthly prices are based on annual rates of $708 for Tax only, $2,988 for Individual, and $4,188 for Corporate. The monthly amount is prorated based on the remaining months in the year.

Gardner Financial is engaged by a real estate professional to perform bookkeeping and tax services under the Individual plan as of July 1. Gardner Financial is expected to capture all client data provided for the period January 1 – June 30 for inclusion in the tax return and bookkeeping. In this case, the annual fee of $2,988 is required before the return can be filed. Since our tax professionals are still required to prepare the whole year’s self-employed taxes and file applicable 1099s, the whole annual fee will be required. This changes the monthly amount from $249 to $498 for July 1 – December 31. At January 1, the monthly rates will revert back to $249.

As a Hilliard CPA for Realtors, we offer hourly rates for clients that request special engagements. Please contact us concerning anything outside our packaged accounting services for pricing.

WHEN do items need to be returned by?

Clients must notify our office 7 days prior to the next billing in order to cancel for the current month. As a Central Ohio CPA, we must have appropriate time to return all documents to the client and cease billing timely.

WHO do you contact to cancel service?

Please contact our Central Ohio offices via email or phone to discontinue service.  We can be reached at:


phone: (614) 664-3920