Your Personal CPA for Real Estate Agents

Why pay separate tax return preparation, payroll, bookkeeping, and financial planning providers when you can work with one CPA firm that specializes in working with REALTORS® and real estate agents?  We know what real estate professionals need.  As members of the American Institute of CPAs and the Ohio Society of CPAs, we actively follow all industry changes and prepare to implement those changes.  We have a system that is not only affordable but tailored just for the needs of real estate agents.  Because of the services we provide, our clients can spend more time doing what they do best: SELLING!

You are hiring a team of highly competent CPAs, bookkeepers, and accounting staff who understand your industry and know how to use the Internal Revenue Code to your advantage.  Our system not only offers clients tax savings, but also the freedom that comes with knowing you have a trusted partner handling all of your tax needs.  Below are a few of the core areas we will focus on when we begin working together:

Unlimited Consultations

No More Hourly Charges – NEVER be Afraid to Call Your CPA Again!

We provide the solution to two troubling trends:

REALTORS® won’t call their CPA because they don’t want a mystery invoice.

Few CPAs specialize in Real Estate Professionals.

How can we develop a great plan for you without hearing from you?  Have a question?  Give us a call and get the expert advice you need.

That’s right, you have always known it but maybe never said it.  You hesitate to contact your CPA because of the expense.  We have found that by specializing in working with real estate agents and by offering a fixed monthly fee, we encourage our clients to call us and get the attention they need from their CPA.  The fact is most REALTORS® can benefit immensely from tax planning because they are essentially running their own businesses.  Agents paid via 1099 are “in business” for themselves but so often they do not set up their business to minimize their tax liabilities.  We shine when it comes to tax planning for REALTORS® and we will walk you through the process step by step.

The second problem is that there is a huge void when it comes to tax planning CPAs.  There are many great CPAs in every market across the country.  They work hard and bang in the numbers that you provide to them each year.  The problem is that CPAs should be doing more to help clients maximize every opportunity to effectively manage their money.  We believe that every real estate agent should have a comprehensive tax plan set up for them and that it should be explained to them in plain English.  We not only demystify the process of tax planning for REALTORS®, but we actually make it fun!

Tax Planning

You receive a commission check, but you know some of that check has to be set aside for taxes.  How much should you set aside and what are the applicable taxes?  Let us set up a plan for you so every time you receive income, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be a huge tax bill waiting for you at the end of the year with potential penalties.  We also help you capture more deductible expenses.  Every captured expense means more money in your pocket.

We all like to have a plan and know we are heading in the right direction with regular measurement. Tax planning is the value of having a CPA regularly available. Planning produces better results than being reactionary after the transactions have already occurred. Many CPAs are generalists and have to understand a wide variety of clients from restaurants to retailers. Having a CPA that specializes in REALTORS® provides our clients with the best advice and ensures that our clients utilize the most deductions allowable.

Our planning is based on highly efficient data capture tools, so you don’t spend all your time digging for receipts and we aren’t trying to interpret your box of receipts. With timely and frequent data, we can provide the information for a reliable tax planning meeting, and compare the plan regularly to actual results.

Business Tax Returns

Using the books we’ve maintained all year long, we prepare and file your business tax returns.  When possible, we leverage an S-Corp to reduce your overall taxes.

Our CPAs specialize in the taxation of REALTORS®, and many larger volume REALTORS® use the tax saving strategy of becoming a corporation.  Our combined experience working with business taxes ensures that our clients’ returns are filed accurately and timely, while also reducing audit risk.

Business tax returns add a layer of complexity to our annual tax filing, but the cost is included in our simple monthly fee.  By performing the bookkeeping function of the business, we can use that same accounting data to prepare the business returns, typically using Form 1120S.

Personal Tax Returns

Once your business taxes are complete, we prepare your individual taxes.  We are experts at finding potential deductions and reducing your tax burden.

New clients know the feeling of tax time and the frustration due to lack of organization and not tracking monthly expenses.  After another year of researching credit card statements and crumpled receipts, why not make this the last year of frustration?  Be done with it and turn this burden over to the professionals.  In our first meeting, we set you up with a mobile app that scans your receipts and sends them to us.  Just a second or two to scan, and your job is done.  We store all of those receipts for you should you ever be audited, so that we have the documentation necessary to defend the expenses claimed.

Since we have tracked your expenses all year long, we prepare individual returns early enough to allow most clients adequate time to review their returns, ensuring no deductions are missed.


Bookkeeping Specifically for Real Estate Agents

You hate it!  We’d love to free you from it.  When your books are maintained regularly, you save on taxes.  Our system allows us to log your daily transactions and match them with receipts you provide.

REALTORS® make money when they make sales, so why tie up your weekends maintaining the books?  We utilize a mobile app that scans your receipts and sends them to us.  If you have receipts emailed to you, we provide our clients with a personalized email address for forwarding their electronic receipts and invoices.  We store all of those receipts for you and they are available for client access.  These receipts are key to audit support as credit card and bank statements are not accepted by the IRS and you will lose deductions without receipts or scans of them.  Since we have access to the receipt images, we are able to answer most questions and produce perfect books without asking many questions.  We find our clients love the freedom that comes with turning over their accounting to their own CPA.

We utilize a secure “read only” connection to your credit card and bank account to download transactions, statements, and check images.  We are then able to locate all of your expenses and match them to the receipts provided for stronger and cleaner records.

The largest difference between us and traditional bookkeepers is our skill and expertise when it comes to taxes.  You are utilizing a CPA firm, who specializes in real estate agents, for managing your books and looking out for tax deductions as every transaction is entered.  A bookkeeper will focus on a single aspect, categorizing your expenses and generating financial statements.  We segregate your books because we are classifying everything in such a way that we can maximize tax deductions.

Four times a year, we send you perfectly reconciled financial statements that your CPA will review with you in tax planning meetings to ensure your tax strategy is on track and to discuss any necessary adjustments.  Good bookkeeping is critical to quality tax planning.

Mobile App for Receipt Scanning

Our program is based on the specific needs of real estate agents.  Monthly clients are provided our convenient app to submit photos of their receipts.  Using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you will be able to snap an image of a receipt, add a quick note, and pass it on to your CPA for proper record keeping.

Additionally, all receipt images will be saved as audit documentation and can be downloaded by the client at any time if needed.  The largest reason REALTORS® lose deductions upon an audit is lack of supporting documents.  The courts have decided credit card and bank statements do not constitute adequate deduction support and the IRS can disallow any expense for which an original receipt is not provided.

Our app is intuitive, convenient, and makes documenting expenses easy.

Payroll for REALTORS®

Payroll for REALTORS® is necessary when operating as a corporation, and use of an S corporation is central to strong tax planning strategies for REALTORS®.  We have a payroll solution included in our monthly tax & accounting plan for real estate agents.  We deliver an elegant payroll solution to our clients and it’s included in our monthly fee.  Never has payroll for real estate agents been so simple.

Retirement Planning

Being self-employed, you have many retirement plan options available to you.  These options can provide current tax deferral, allowing increased growth potential for your retirement accounts.  If you are the only employee, there will be many options available to you.  If you have other employees, some plans require you to provide benefits to other eligible employees.  We inform you of your options and set up automatic retirement contributions for you.  The best way to save for retirement is automatically, so let us help you select a plan that is right for you and make planning for retirement easy.

Gardner Financial, LLC is not an asset custodian or investment advisor.  We help you decide the right retirement plan for you based on your individualized tax strategy and help you implement that strategy using outside custodians and investment advisors.

Audit Support

As you regularly send us your receipts, you are building support should you ever be audited by the IRS.  Audits may not happen for 2-3 years after filing your tax return, so we help you build strong documentation should your taxes ever be questioned.

Clients benefit from unlimited audit support at no additional charge for the tax years we prepare.

Our entire program is built on superior expense tracking and audit documentation.  We find many previous clients and tax preparers do not retain original or imaged receipts, invoices, emails, or other important defense documents.  We maintain all of your submitted documents and store them through the years open to audit.

Our audit support process for REALTORS® includes:

Document Retention – Every supporting client document provided is stored electronically for easy searching and proper support should it be necessary.

Matching – Every transaction we capture is matched with a supporting document. If we do not have proper support, you will receive a monthly list of transactions requiring more documentation.

Audit Representation – Our monthly clients receive unlimited audit support if they are ever audited for a tax year prepared by Gardner Financial.  In the event a client is audited, their personal CPA will jump into action filing a power of attorney and taking over all communications with the IRS or state authorities until the issue is resolved – ALL AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO OUR MONTHLY CLIENTS.